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    How to Force loading specific jar file from JBoss SAR\Lib instead of JBoss\commons\lib in JBoss AS5.1

    Ramesh Pitani Newbie

      I have one common jar file exist in JBoss\commons\lib(Lower Version)  and JBoss\server\default\deploy\SAR file\lib. SAR file contains commons-collections.jar file(Higher version). JBoss\commons\lib has lower version. In the run time, Application is using JBoss\commons\lib\Commons-Collections.jar version. How can I force Application to use JBoss\server\default\deploy\SAR file\lib\Commons-Collections.jar file. How can I change loading jar files from JBoss\server\default\deploy\SAR file\lib\*.jar files first and then load JBoss\commons\lib?