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    ModeShape 2.8.2.Final is available

    Randall Hauch Master

      Cross-posted from the ModeShape blog.


      Today we're announcing the immediate availability of ModeShape 2.8.2.Final, which contains several bug fixes that were reported against 2.8.1.Final. The release artifacts are available in the JBoss Maven repository (see our Maven instructions) and on our downloads page. The Getting Started and Reference Guides are available, too.


      If you're using any 2.x version, we recommend giving this release a try. Please let us know if you find any issues. At this time we don't expect to issue additional patch releases for the 2.8 line, but we'll certainly reconsider if there are issues that need to be addressed.


      As we've mentioned in previous posts, we've been spending most of our time working on the 3.0 codebase. Progress has been good: we need to fix some full text search and query issues, and the codebase will then be feature complete. Right now we're passing 99% of the TCK! (Roughly half of the 20 failures are due to bugs in the TCK tests for which we've submitted patches and which should be included in the next TCK release.) Stay tuned for an upcoming 3.0.0.Beta1 release!


      Thanks to the entire ModeShape community for the continued use of 2.8.x and for help in finding and fixing the issues. Great job, everyone!