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    Documentation question on nodeTypes example code?

    Tony Herstell Master

      I was looking at this page:



      and towards the bottom we have:

      NodeType[] nodeTypes = new NodeType[]{type};


      which gives:

      >> Type mismatch: cannot convert from NodeTypeTemplate to NodeType


      I was just trying to firkle to extend an existing node to add a few properties... this documentation is rather all-encompassing.

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          Randall Hauch Master

          Hi, Tony. Thanks for pointing out that error. This line in the code example:

          NodeType[] nodeTypes = new NodeType[]{type};

          should instead be:


               NodeTypeDefinition[] nodeTypes = new NodeTypeDefinition[]{type};

          NodeTypeDefinition is the supertype of both NodeTypeTemplate (the editable template created by the manager to allow your code to define new types) and NodeType (the read-only representation for registered types). That matches the signature of the "registerNodeTypes(NodeTypeTemplate[],boolean)" method on the following line, too. Sorry about the error. I've corrected the documentation page, too.


          Please let us know if you find any other errors!