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    Configuration options defaults and documentation --> XSD

    borges Novice

      Right now, we have:


      • The allowed XML configuration options declared in the XSD;
      • their default values effectivelly determined by hard coded values in Java code;
      • options and default values documented in XML files used for the manual.


      The problem with this setting is that it is cumbersome and time consuming to ensure that

      1. all options defined in the XSD, have a documentation entry in the manual;
      2. all default values listed in the manual match those in the Java code.


      I propose moving all default values and all option documentation into the XSD itself. That would make it trivial to verify whether a given option lacks documentation and which is its default value.


      This would obviously force us to generate the manual page from the XSD itself AND to take the default values from it, so it requires some work but long term maintenance would become a lot easier.