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    Fileupload + SSL + allowFlash + Firefox = Transfer error occurred

    ottoteixeira Newbie



      I can't make fileUpload work with Firefox, Flash and HTTPS. I always get the "transfer error occurred" error. Actually, it doesn't work with any browser, except for IE.

      It works without Flash (allowFlash = false).


      I have found numerous reports that this is a bug in the Flash plugin. Examples:




      According to that, the problem is  when uploading a file, the Flash plugin creates a new HTTP session and does not send cookies (like the JSESSIONID). The bug is old (at least from 2008).


      One solution I found is to use a real signed certificate.



      But are there any workarounds?



      This is how I'm using fileUpload:


      <rich:fileUpload id="docPrincipal" fileUploadListener="#{myAction.listenerUpload}" ontyperejected="alert('Invalido')"

                          addControlLabel="Adicionar" clearAllControlLabel="Limpar Todos" clearControlLabel="Remover" stopEntryControlLabel="Parar" uploadControlLabel="Enviar" doneLabel="Carregado!"

                          listHeight="180" listWidth="750" alt="#{msg['protocolo.label.doc.principal']}" onsizerejected="alert('Tamanho Máximo: 7MB')"

                          allowFlash="true" maxFilesQuantity="50" immediateUpload="true" acceptedTypes="pdf" ajaxSingle="true" noDuplicate="true"

                          onclear="removerUpload(event.memo.entry.fileName, event);" onuploadcomplete="document.getElementById('corpo:formulario:docPrincipal:clean1').style.visibility='hidden';">


                          <f:facet name="label">

                              <h:outputText value="{_KB}KB from {KB}KB uploaded --- {mm}m:{ss}s" />