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    Calling ejbStore before a finder call

    Sachin Newbie


      According to the ejb-spec "the container should must first synchronize the state of the entity bean instances that are participating in the same transaction context as the ejbFind." It seems that this was fixed in JBoss version 2.4.0 Bug No : 433115.
      I am using version 2.4.3 final release and having problems with a finder invoked on a entity which has been modified in the same transaction context. I have written a small test in which i access an entity through a stateless session bean. The session bean modifies the entity instance and then calls a finder on the entity type. The updated record is not a part of the finder. If i get the spec right then the ejbStore should have been called on the entity instance and the updated entity should have been a part of the return from the finder method. But thats not the case. May be i am missing something can somebody point me in the right direction.

      Os: Red Hat Linux ver 6.2
      Sun's JDK 1.3 Database: Postgresql 7.1

      Attaching the entity bean, session bean and the unit test for reference.