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    Sharing web(.WAR) modules across multiple virtual server


      Hi All,


      In JBoss AS 7.1.1 How do we share the single web module .WAR file to multiple virutal servers.


      In Older versions of JBOSS (example 4.1..etc), We can specify multiple <virtual-host> tags in jboss-web.xml file and this was working very well. But in JBOSS AS7, it appears that jboss-web.xml file accepts only one <virtual-host> elment. Please advise how do we make JBoss AS7 to use same .WAR file for more than one virtual hosts.


      Simple including the url/www in the virutal server alias names may NOT suitable for us BECAUSE we like to share only some modules NOT ALL MODULES.

      Below is the model to explain better


      Lets say we have 3 modules





      And we support below 2 domains




      For www.v1.com, the root prefix (/) is mapped to a.war

                               the data prefix (/data) is mapped to b.war

      For www.v2.com, the root prefix (/) is mapped again to a.war

                               the data prefix (/data) is mapped to c.war


      Please advise if these configurations/setup is supported in AS 7. Thanks in advance.


      Best Regards,