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    fileUploadListener event is not called for rich file Upload when page contains rich model panel

    Kapil Nimje Newbie



      I have a rich data table contains the following components inside each column:


      Column 1. - Rich file Upload component  Column 2 - Text box Column 3. -  check box  .... and last Column 4. -  "Advanced Options" Link (When clicking on this link, rich modal panel gets popups up) etc.


      The modal panel contains check boxes and text boxes inside the form:

      The problem I am facing is, when I upload any file through file upload component inside the data table, the fileUploadListener method does not get called. But, when I removed the modal panel code, the listener method gets called.


      Can somebody tell me how i can use the modal panel and file upload component on the same page?


      Also, Please find the attached screen shot for more details: