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    Generated WSDL contains ajp:// URLs instead of http:// (Apache Proxy)

    Dawid Loubser Newbie

      Hi All,


      If I expose a simple stateless session bean as a JAX-WS web service (via @WebService), using an endpoint interface that was originally generated from a WSDL ("WSDL-first") and access the service's WSDL (http://myserver/myservicepath?WSDL) JBoss of course (correctly) re-writes the URLs used for <wsdl:import> and <xsd:import> statements.


      Unfortunately, I have to publish the services via an Apache HTTP proxy (via an AJP connector) for various technical reasons. The problem, is that the WSDL / Schema import URIs, which were once simple relative paths, are now absolute, ajp:// URLs (exposed to the client) which will, of course, never work.


      How can I control the absolute URL that JBoss 7 (we are on 7.0.2) uses for re-writing these import / include statements? If I access the WSDL through an http:// URL, surely all imports should use this same scheme (ajp:// should never be exposed to the remote client)


      My application is a simple, standards-compliant EJB 3.1 module (JAR) with no JBoss-specific customisation (as it should be...).