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    richfaces a4j tags - part of the big ui components library?

    Dirk Dollar Newbie

      hello   First of all I love the a4j tags and am super happy with what you guys achieved!   Version richfaces 4.2.2 final before we were using 3.3.3 with jsf 1.2 - now we are discussing to move to jsf 2 and are giving everything a closer look.  I was wondering why it is required to have the big 16 MB richfaces jar when using the a4j tags - in detail the a4j:support which is now the a4j:ajax. I found out it is not possible to use the ajax tag without the ui component library :-S Is this on purpose (stupid question) ? :-)  the thing is, my project used to be ~ 20-30 Mb, now it got bloated with a lot of richfaces tags we are probably never going to use - the reason we are not doing it (using your tags) is because some other departements of our company are already using primefaces - and we should probably start heading that direction as well. Our older existing tags are using a4j from richfaces 3.3.3 and we will keep these tags for a long time I guess.   thanks