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    Apache httpd cluster to JBoss 7 cluster

    sandy m Newbie

      I have web application with apache server acting as web server serving static HTTP content and JBoss AS 7 handling dynamic content.

      I want to setup highly available, load balanced site with both apache server and JBoss server in cluster. I understand that Apache module mod_proxy or JBoss module mod_cluster can be used to load balance JBoss. There are many articles on the topic which tell how to configure mod_cluster in apache.

      1. I wanted to know, in case I have more than one apache server, does it mean I need to configure mod_cluster in each Apache instance.

      2. Another question is on session replication to nodes in JBoss cluster. Is there any way to restrict number of nodes on which session gets replicatedd. What I wanted to do is keep directing all user specific HTTP traffic to same JBoss node using sticky load balancing, have session replication of that node on one backup JBoss node, and in case active node goes down route traffic to backup session node. That is, do not replicate session to all nodes in a cluster but only to backup node.

      I think similar setup is possible in Tomcat. Is it possible in JBoss AS 7 and if yes how.

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          François Hertay Newbie

          The AS7 Cluster Howto is a good start.


          1. Yes all apache need to have mod_cluster running (the configuration on each node should be similar at the exception of the binding adress).  You also need to add each apache in the proxy list in the JBoss configuration (if you don't use advertizing)
          2. Instread of the replication Infinispan you can use the distributed one (the default setting is on replication not the best one...) and you should be able to set the number of owners (number of copies).