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Removing @author from source files

Keith Babo Master

There are loads of issues with @author tags.  I vote for removing them, but don't let me bully you.  Can people whoe have committed (or are considering committing) please +1 or -1 removing these from our project source.  Reasons why they are bad:


- @author tags easily go out of date.

- When you get to enough people touching a file, the @author list can get absurd.

- Determining when an @author tag is inserted/removed based on changing refactoring.

- Git retains a complete and precise history of contribution for attribution sake.  This is easier to mine than @author tags and way more accurate.


Full disclosure : I've touched a decent amount of code in SY and never left an @author tag behind.  I think the only ones you might find were added by David. :-)  So I'm obviously a bit biased here.