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    JBoss and other JMS implementations

    Markus Breuer Newbie

      I am coming from jboss messaging section and have question regarding the new jboss messaging integration. The messaging guys explained me, that they are responsible for the jms implementation itself but not for client. A mdb is a client, so i ask my question here:

      Following scenario is given:
      - jboss 4.2.2GA environment with jboss messaging (correctly installed, mq is removed)
      - clustered environment, 2 nodes in same partition
      - any node may produce messages and store them to a queue MyQueue
      - any node may consume messages from MyQueue

      node 1 produces a lot of messages an d stored them to queue. Suddenly it crashes ( hardware defect). node 2 shall process the stored messages.

      1. Queue is a singleton. How should it be configured/deployed? Which settings are required for the MDB on MyQueue?

      2. Queue is not a singleton and deployed to any node? What happens now?

      3. How to load balance between several nodes? The messaging guys say, local nodes are preferred from jboss messaging. Is there any way to setup the queue for load-balancing?