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    Problems with XADatasource

    frank starsinic Newbie

      I'm trying to use SQLServer and creating an XADatasource. I'm not using any ejb's except a JMS Bean.

      I am trying to use just plain old jdbc and not 2-phase commit jdbc. i'm noticing that some of my sql inserts are not getting committed. then when i add commit() methods to my code, i get messages that say i cannot do commit()s because of JDBC 2.0.

      how can i somehow just do autocommit(true) kind of jdbc.
      can i not use the XADatasource. is there some other kind i can use?

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          frank starsinic Newbie

          ok, i answered my own question. instead of wanting to use an XADatasource i modified jboss.jcml to use a JDBCDataSource and now all my SQL code works again!!!

          so, i'm using this...


          instead of this...


          hope this helps someone else