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    Accessing CMP 2.0 entity beans: very slow

    Markus Menner Newbie


      I'm currently running 3.0.0beta2 Date:200203180716 togehter with Oracle 9i.

      Excuting a query on a entity bean and retrieving the bean instances takes a looooong time.

      I executed a query, which returns about 60 bean instances. I takes about 5 seconds!

      The query itself takes only about 55 millisecons.

      I retrieve the bean instances in a loop. Accessing only the primary key works fine (evidently) :-).

      When I retrieve the first non primary key attribute it gets slow :-(.

      JBoss and oracle are running on the same machine (SuSE 7.2 Linux, Athlon 1GHz, 1GB RAM).

      Executing a similar query directly via JDBC is fast.

      Any ideas ?