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    JBoss modules: indirect load

    Hauke Mehrtens Newbie

      I have an own JBoss module depending on xmlsec and the dependency is defined in the module.xml with <module name="org.apache.santuario.xmlsec" />.


      When calling init on xmlsec it is able to load a default configuration  or a configuration from the classpath given by a system environment property. We want to load our own config so we provided a configuration file in our jar and added a full qualified name into the system property, but then xmlsec is unable to load this file. This file is loaded by a class in xmlsec with the help of the classloader.


      A hack is to make xmlsec depend on our own lib, but we do not want to do that, because this means cyclic dependencies in the jboss modules and we have to modify a default module. Is it possible to add something in our module.xml to export some parts of our classpath to our dependencies so they are able to load classes from our jar?


      We have the same problem also with some other jars.