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    Configure JBoss6 AS  jax-ws Webservice with Hibernate

    wrongt Newbie

      Hi , I try to create a jax-ws webserver linked to this resourcehttp://www.packtpub.com/article/developing-applications-with-jboss-and-hibernate-1

      in JBoss Develop studio I create   a hibernate application and a jax-ws  web server and deployed them to EAR archive on JBoss 6 AS. Now , when I call WebServer operation who made a hibernate HQL query, each time  are mapped  collections to a tables, and response time took around 200ms.

      The structure of the projects from the Package Explorer is as shown in the following snapshot: adf

      Без имени.png


      Can anybody point me to right documentation source which instruct how I must proper configure database source and hibernate in webservice on JBoss6 AS.

      And suggest a ways how to initialize Hibernate app as a JBOSS service and reduce considerable response time.

      Thanks in advance.