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    RichFaces a4j:status problem in richfaces 4.2.2

    Hung Phan Newbie

      Hello everybody.


      I want to take an <a4j:status> into my page for loading when i have action.


      Here is my code:


      <f:view contentType="text/html" encoding="UTF-8">

              <h:form id="form1"> 



      <h:commandButton id="btnXuLy" styleClass="google_action_buttonClass" action="#{indexBean.uRLProcessAction()}" value="Xử lý"/>






      <f:facet name="start">

      <h:graphicImage value="#{utilBean.viewRedirectString('/resources/images/icon_loading.gif')}" alt="icon loading" />





      Unfortunately, the loading is not working. I've checked image and it load ok.


      What's my fault?