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    naming subsystem not working in domain mode?

    herb Newbie

      AS 7.1.1.Final:


      Having following bindings in standalone.xml

           <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:naming:1.1">


                     <simple name="java:jboss/somekey" value="somevalue"/>



      I can do a context.lookup("java:jboss/somekey") in my application.


      But putting above bindings in domain.xml (e.g. into th "default" profile) and starting the server in domain mode, I get a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException.


      In AS7 standalone webconsole there's a menu entry "Container/Naming" but in AS7 domain mode webconsole there's no "Naming" menu entry below "Container".


      Do I do something wrong or isn't naming subsystem supported in domain mode or is this a bug??