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    Dependency on deployment having version suffix in filename

    gazonk Newbie


      afaik when i declare a dependency on another deployment i need to specify the full filename in my manifest.

      For example if i have an ear named myapp-2.3.4.ear containing another jar named myejb-2.3.4.jar i need to add an entry like:

      Dependencies: deployment.myapp-2.3.4.ear.myejb-2.3.4.jar


      Is there any way to do this so i can add a dependency like "deployment.myapp.ear.myejb.jar" without removing the version from the actual filename?

      The obvious problem is that i cannot update myapp-2.3.4 to 2.3.5 without breaking all dependant deployments.

      At the same time having a version in the filenames has some advantages for us.