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    Configure number of consumers per node

    Chris Williams Newbie

      Hi, we're trying to limit the maximum number of consumers per node. Consider this example:


      We have hardware that must be limited to 1 running process per peice of hardware. We have 3 of these peices of hardware and have wired them up to 3 different servers running JBoss/HornetQ. We control access to these nodes using an MBean consumer. What we'd like to have is a setup where the consumers are round-robin'd and limited to one consumer per node.


      We've used the maxSessions annoation and this works until one of our nodes fails - in this scenario, another node ends up having 2 consumers running on it.


      We're posting here because we can't seem to find much accurate documentation on the queue settings. Is there a better way to acomplish what we want to do? If you suggest some property to set somewhere, please be specific and, if possible (to help myself and others reading this), please describe what that setting is supposed to do.