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    jboss3.0beta and oracle

    charlie charlie Newbie

      someone can help me ?
      i meet a strange problem.it keeps for 2 days!!!.
      when i config the oracle as following






      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!-- $Id: oracle-service.xml,v 1.3 2002/03/01 00:02:00 d_jencks Exp $ -->

      <!-- =====================================================================-->
      <!-- oracleds-service.xml -->
      <!-- JBoss v3.0alpha (november 23, 2001) ORACLE thin driver Configuration -->
      <!-- tested against ORACLE v8.x -->
      <!-- ==================================================================== -->
      <!-- -->
      <!-- please put jdbc driver (in this case classes12.zip) in jboss_home/lib/ext -->
      <!-- please put this file (oracleds-service.xml) under jboss_home/deploy -->
      <!-- Contributed by Christian Biasuzzi bic@quinary.com-->
      <!-- ===================================================================== -->


      <depends optional-attribute-name="ResourceAdapterName">jboss.jca:service=RARDeployment,name=Minerva JDBC LocalTransaction ResourceAdapter
      <depends optional-attribute-name="ConnectionManagerFactoryLoaderName">jboss.jca:service=ConnectionManagerFactoryLoader,name=MinervaSharedLocalCMFactory
      #Wed Aug 15 16:17:29 EDT 2001



      jboss start ok, but when i put the ejbjar in the deploy directory,
      two ways going.
      1. keep the hsqldb-default-service.xml in deploy directory ,it works with the default ds not oracle.

      2. remove the hsqldb-default-service.xml from the directory, when deploying ,it lookup the DefaultDS!!!.
      error message as following!

      Exception in service lifecyle operation: create
      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Error: can't find data source: java:/DefaultDS

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          Alice Newbie

          I hope u commented out java:/DefaultDS in standardjaws.xml and standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml.

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            Wayne Pennington Newbie

            You may have better luck keeping the default files untouched and modify your project jaws and ejb xml's to specify the oracle ds and tables. This keeps the default data sources that JBoss is accustomed with and permits you to add any number of data sources for your projects. Check the online manual example.

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              charlie charlie Newbie

              thanks to alice_adler01 and penningw s' response.
              now, i keep only the oracle server xml in deploy directory,and then modify my entity bean meta-info/jbosscmp-jdbc.xml. point the the oracle db. then deploy ,ok. it seems work, jboss deploy it without error. but when i lookup my bean .can not find it .on my localost:8082 , i can not see my entity bean be deploy ??
              oh, my god !. what's wrong??

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                charlie charlie Newbie

                could someone give a sample success deployed and working entity bean (config xml files )example?
                thanks a lot .

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                  Dieter Bartmann Newbie

                  Are you sure you use your own config directory and not the default one? I know, this sounds a little bit stupid, but I needed some time to find out that starting jboss has changed from 2.4.x to 3.0.0 (run -c myconfigdir).

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                    charlie charlie Newbie

                    yes , i do so. i got more infomation as following:

                    1. i can see my orcle deployed.
                    //---copy from the localhost:8082----//
                    //----end ---//

                    2. my ejb not success deployed . i ONLY saw jboss deploy as fllowing:
                    18:24:14,421 INFO [MainDeployer] Deploying: file:/E:/jboss-3.0.0beta/deploy/fly.jar

                    not the [EJBDeployer] Deploying fly.jar infomation.
                    so. i guess i miss something in my entity configure.
                    ( jbosscmp-jdbc.xml).
                    someone could give a example config xml files?
                    thanks bartmann_d .
                    best regards !