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    Bala Voleti Newbie


      please see my configuration. I'm able to SFTP file from remote to my local machince without problem.


      if you see my provider i'm accepting all types of file and want to transfer same file to my local, can you please let me know how do i mention in my notifer to transfer same file with same name and type to my local. Thank you for you help in Adavance ... Bala




        <ftp-provider hostname="...." name="FTPProviderLAB11">

         <ftp-bus busid="LAB11ChannelID">

          <ftp-message-filter directory="/opt/sw/jboss/target/receive"

           input-suffix=".*" password="password" post-delete="true"

           post-rename="false" protocol="sftp" username="jboss"/>





        <service category="SFTPToLocalCategory"

         description="Transfer file from SFTP server to your local box or remote box"

         invmScope="GLOBAL" invmTransacted="true" name="SFTPToLocalService">


          <ftp-listener busidref="LAB11ChannelID" is-gateway="true" name="LAB11Listener"/>


         <actions mep="OneWay">

          <action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.Notifier" name="notificationAction">

           <property name="okMethod" value="notifyOK"/>

           <property name="destinations">

            <NotificationList type="ok">

             <target class="NotifyFiles">

              <file URI="E:\testing\done\Successful.pptx" append="false"/>



            <NotificationList type="err">

             <target class="NotifyFiles">

              <file URI="E:\testing\exception\Error.pptx" append="false"/>