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    JBoss Dev Studio: jars from dependant projects disappearing from deployed wars

    Bob Smith Newbie

      We are evaluating JBoss Dev Studio for use in our projects.  We are running into the problem below.


      For our applications we deploy and EJB 3.0 jar and several wars.  In Eclipse we have separate projects for the EJB and wars, as well as 2 utility projects.  Each war project has the two utility projects as dependancies.  We add the utility projects to the Deployment Assemblies for each web project.  When we publish the first project to JBoss, the utility jars go to WEB-INF/lib as they are supposed to.


      The problem is that when we publish the next war it deploys with the jars in WEB-INF/lib, BUT the utility jars disappear from the first wars WEB-INF/lib.  Then start up fails because the first web app doesn't see the jars in the second web apps WEB-INF/lib folder.  Order is completely arbitrary.


      The Deployment Assembly seems to be working correctly, it appears to be a problem with the JBoss management plugin removing what it believes to be extra jars.  Has anyone seen this before?