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    2 ears, 2 databases, both using one database when they shouldn't :(

    frozenpixel Newbie

      Ok, this is driving me bonkers. I have a Jboss 4.2.3.GA setup and need to deploy two ears/apps. One is an ecommerce site and the other is a basic normal business site. Both deploy fine without any errors, BUT whoever deploys first will be the default database/schema (article.xml)! Both *-ds files point to their respective databases, and in the log it looks like it finds and connects to them fine. But like I said, whoever deploys first takes over.


      http://barnardltd.com/  <-- ecommerce site


      http://driskillfoundation.com/ <-- business site


      As you can see the business site while loading everything else fine is using the article.xml and database from the first!? I've matched the setup exactly like one of my other working jboss 4.2.3.GA servers that has 12+ apps working fine, but on this one I'm about to go insane, and I'm sure it's something simple.


      The alias are setup fine, and the mysql jdbc stuff is setup.


      I am at a loss.