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    Problem accessing Session data in Cluster

    Swapnil Rawat Newbie


           I am running two jboss instances on different machines within same domain in cluster. The 2 machines recognize each other as i can see

      All Members : 2 (with both machines IP).


           I am trying to check whether session is getting replicated, by deploying a sample Seam Application having only 1 session scoped JavaBean and only two XHTML pages. The first page is login page and the other displays the detail entered in the login page. These details are stored in the  session scoped JavaBean.


           I browse to the login page of the sample and on  successfully login i am displayed with the values entered in login page.


           Now When i kill one of the nodes forcibly i get the following error on that node at the end of the log

      ERROR [org.jgroups.blocks.ConnectionTable] (Timer-12, failed sending data to java.net.SocketException: Socket closed


           Now when i try to reload the page from the browser (just pressing F5) I get the following Warning on the running node


      WARN  [SessionBasedJBossCacheService] Problem accessing session data : class java.lang.RuntimeException java.lang.NullPointerException
      and as a result i am redirected to the login page again.
      It is clear that the session data is not getting replicated on the clustered nodes
      I am using : JBoss Soa Server 5.1, Seam 2.2, jsf 1.2 and also i am using TCP instead of UDF (since in my cluster machines multicasting is disabled)

      I have attached jgroups-channefactory-stacks.xml file and pages.xml also.


      Please guys help me out as i am stuck in these for weeks now