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    many instances to ManagedConnectionFactory each having diffe

    ramana Newbie

      Hi all,
      I have some n number of EIS s which has the same funtionality except that they are located in different locations. For example take EIS1 and EIS2.
      Both are in functionality the same.So I would like to build only one resource adapter (ofcourse JCA implemented) and provide it the user(EJB). So how can I do it??

      Can I maintain a single ManagedConnectionFactory instance to do this?? i.e only one instance of my resource adapter is bounded to JNDI.
      If so the user should provide me ip and port number in his ConnectionSpec of his javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory.getConnection(ConnectionSpec) request. Is it acceptable from JCA point of view??? Because in the spec they have explained we should not specify these ManagedConnection details in ConnectionSpec.and as it explained we should do it in ra.xml descriptor.

      One more question is, if I do it like this how can the application server mantains pooling??

      How can I inform application server, to maintain different connection pooling at runtime.

      any better ideas??
      I use at present jboss3.0-alpha.

      Thanks in advance,