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    Custom Cache Loader Implementation

    Nibin Jacob Panicker Newbie



      I am currently doing a PoC of insfinispan for one of the projects in my organisation.

      We have scenario where we will be getting data from different sources (external interfaces). We will be persisting the data into an RDBMS and at the same time we'll be putting the data into an in-memory data grid like infinispan as per our current proposed architecture.

      My question is, suppose the infinispan data grid (entire cluster or a part of the cluster which results in data loss) goes down for some reason and come back later;

      how can we load the data that came to our system during the downtime. We can assume that the data will be available in the RDBMS.

      So, I was thinking in the lines of writing a custom cache loader which would pull data from the RDBMS and put them in infinispan.

      When i searched the forum, I came accross couple of posts related to custom cache loaders. I found the implementation to be some what complex.

      Is there any other option which would help me in loading the data into infinispan after a downtime?


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