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    JBoss 5.1.0 Single Log-in Module

    Gary Quinn Newbie

      I created by own custom login-module, which works fine.

      I enabled SingleSignOn which works fine.

      I can log-in in one web application and when I go to another my session is still valid and vise versa.


      This is what I wanted to achieve.


      My question is: Can I not create a single web app which contains the login pages for all my web apps.


      In other words:


      I have web-app-one, web-app-two and web-app-three. Only web-app-one have the login pages. When I try to access web-app-two or web-app-three, JBoss will automaticly use web-app-one for the login and redirect back to the original web-app once successfully authenticated.


      Currently I am redirecting to the authentication web-app and once authenticated redirect back to the requird web-app.


      Is there no way I can setup JBoss to handle this for me?