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    JBoss Axis/Axiom implementation without JBoss AS/JBoss WS

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      I'm trying to use Apache Axiom for my Spring Webservices, but I'm having problems with it. My app server is not JBoss but Weblogic, and after some investigations (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11316023/spring-ws-webservice-with-mtom-attachement-hello-world-test ), I saw that JBoss' Axiom seems to work nicely where Apache's fail (org.jboss.axis, isn't it? - https://community.jboss.org/message/328991)


      I may be totally wrong and this won't help me at all, but I'm running out of ideas, so I'd like to try JBoss Axiom as my implementation of it. Is it pluggable, independent of JBoss AS itself (an independent component of JBoss WS)? I looked for it and found no specific project page or download link for a lib.


      Any help is welcome: download link, path to follow, or even telling me that this won't work.




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