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    cannot get original request URI on JSF2 based form login page

    Jochen Riedlinger Newbie



      I try to implement a JSF2 login page for container form based authentication


      in my web.xml I have this configuration:














      In my backing bean for login.xhtml I tried to get the original URI for redirecting after successful login like this:




      String uri = externalContext.getRequestMap().get("javax.servlet.forward.request_uri");



      Unfortunateyl this returns nothing;-(



      I also tried to get the URI directly in the view page, instead of the backing bean,





      but I also get an empty result here.


      I found several sites which state that it should work this way....but not for me;-(








      Do you have any ideas how to achieve want I want to? Or is that a bug in JBoss 7?