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    ui:include ui:param passing EL #{myController} PropertyNotFoundException

    Paulo Eduardo Kopzinski Mello Newbie

      I can't use any method of my class when I pass her by one xhtml to other using <ui:include... <ui:param>, but I can show the value of any attribute (using respectives get and set).


      I'm will be crazy soon...






      ...<ui:include src="../forms/address.xhtml">

           <ui:param name="controllerTest" value="#{myNormalController}" />






           <p:commandLink value="#{controllerTest.info}" actionListener="#{controllerTest.simpleMethodToTest}" />



      in MyNormalController.java



      public class MyNormalController extends AbstractModelController<MyModel> {


                private String info = "test";


                public void simpleMethodToTest(){

                          System.out.println("Kop! passing in simpleMethodToTest()");



                public String getInfo() {

                          System.out.println("Kop! passing in getInfo()");

               return info;




      at console:

      when the is loaded:

        html generated (is perfect):

          <a id="j_idt870:j_idt871" href="#" class="ui-commandlink" onclick="PrimeFaces.ab({source:'j_idt870:j_idt871'});return false;">teste</a>


      15:24:41,303 INFO  [stdout] (http-localhost- Kop! passing in getInfo()


      Link is ok, so jsf found my java, and called with success the method getInfo()


      BUT... when I clicked at link:


      15:25:42,554 SEVERE [javax.faces.event] (http-localhost- Received 'javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException' when invoking action listener '#{controllerTest.simpleMethodToTest}' for component 'j_idt871'

      15:25:42,556 SEVERE [javax.faces.event] (http-localhost- javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable, identifier 'controllerTest' resolved to null


      Can anybody help me?