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    Drools support for C# .NET



      I have just joined this community hoping to get some answers.


      I am working on a Drools project in dot net. There is very little documentation and support available on the internet for the Dot net version .

      I found one good working sample in a  website called CodeProject ( http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/29165/Getting-Started-with-Drools-NET)

      and I started off by downloading the Dot Net version of Drools from that site .


      After a long struggle, I am able to compile and run my rules program using Drools.

      However the version I have is Drools3.0 and it seems a lot of functionality is not supported in the libraries I have.

      Some basic rules semantics like "&&"  (to combine multiple rules) also throw an exception.


      Is there any one out there who has similar challenges working on the Dot net version of Drools.

      Can anyone help me with the latest C# dot net compatible Drools libraries (including the IVKM Dlls ) ?


      Thanks a million in advance!