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    java_opts use of ")"

    Ian Haigh Newbie

      Hopefully very simple question I am trying to set my java_opts with a string which contains spaces and brackes, I have replaced the spaces with "+", but a closing bracket ")" is causing me a problem, and no end of searching is turning up an answer.  I have tried using ^, \, and / before the bracket without success.  This is a setting in my run.bat.


      eg. say I am trying to add


           set java_opts=%java_opts% -Dblah.blah.blah=this+is+a+sting(just+one+value)+to+be+added


           in such a case the ")" after the 'value' would cause a string/command break in JBoss, giving me an error something like "+to+be+added was unexpected at this time"


      Can anyone help me work out how to do this, I'm running Jboss 5.1.0 on windows 2008.