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Hello all,

This is from documentation 1.2.0Final:

"3.4.3. LBstatusRecalTime

LBstatusRecalTime: Time interval in seconds for loadbalancing logic to recalculate the status of a node

Default: 5 seconds

The actual formula to recalculate the status of a node is:

status = lbstatus + (elected - oldelected) * 1000)/lbfactor;

lbfactor is received for the node via STATUS messages.lbstatus is recalculated every LBstatusRecalTime seconds using the formula:

lbstatus = (elected - oldelected) * 1000)/lbfactor;

elected is the number of time the worker was elected.oldelected is elected last time the lbstatus was recalculated.The node with the lowest status is selected. Nodes with lbfactor ≤ 0 are skipped by the both calculation logic.



Is there something wrong here ? How it should be ?

lbstatus is defined as  (elected - oldelected) * 1000)/lbfactor and then sumed up with  (elected - oldelected) * 1000)/lbfactor.



Thank you.