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    JBoss AS 7.0.2 WAR Deployment + External Directories

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      i have to make an proof of concept if our software runs with jboss as 7.0.2.Final. After one week of try and error our application starts now and the database connection (oracel) is working.

      But i have an problem and i really don't know how i can solve it.


      Normally we have 3 zip files

      -- webapp.zip <- there are our jsp files and the WEB-INF with the web.xml file and other xml stuff for the application and the compiled classes

      -- conf.zip <- there are our configuration files like log4j.properties and xml files for configuring our application

      -- data.zip <- there are our static content ex. images, documents,... all uploaded content in the application is stored there

      These 3 zip files are being unpacked and all paths are entered in our configuration files. Ex. in our web.xml we have an context-param "config.location" with the path to the unpacked conf.zip.

      In the folder conf (unpacked conf.zip) we have an xml file with a bunch of configurations such as host name or ip adress etc and an path to the unpacked webapp.zip.


      So now we have created an webapp.war from the webapp.zip and unpacked the conf.zip and data.zip to /opt/myapp. The path is set in the web.xml and the app starts in jboss. But it can't find the way back to the war from the xml conf so the xml files in WEB-INF folder aren't being loaded. Also the content in the data directory.


      My question is, how i can define something like "virtual directories" in jboss. In tomcat we have an myapp#data.xml in \opt\tomcat\conf\Catalina\localhost with the entry:

      <Context docBase="\opt\myapp\data"></Context>

      What is the best approach to deploy such an application?


      I hope someone can help me with that problem