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    How to create multiple standalone server instances in JBOSS 7.1

    amitsoprna Newbie



      I have a basic question, as I did not find any documentation on how to create multiple standalone server instances


      1) How to create multiple instances of JBOSS server in standalone mode deployment?


      - Is copying and pasting the standalone folder with a different name will work?


      I have tried it by giving a port offset and then giving the server base directory on the command line. it starts up properly


      But when I start it with the following command :


      sh /opt/jboss/bin/standalone.sh -Djboss.server.base.dir=baapt -Dlogging.configuration=file:/opt/jboss/baapt/configuration/logging.properties


      Althouhg I have given the logging.properties file location on command line as "file:/opt/jboss/baapt/configuration/logging.properties"


      it still tries to pick it up from some other path "file:/home/amit/my_copied_standalone_folder/configuration/logging.properties"


      Following is the line printed on the server console:


      "Unable to read the logging configuration from 'file:/home/amit/my_copied_standalone_folder/configuration/logging.properties' (java.io.FileNotFoundException: /home/amit/my_copied_standalone_folder/configuration/logging.properties (No such file or directory))."


      So please suggest the right approach.


      I am just trying to migrate from JBOSS 4.2 to JBOSS 7.1. In 4.2 version we used to create multiple server instances by creating separate server folder structures inside the "JBOSS_HOME/server/" folder.