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    Topic stacks messages and cannot recover when subscribers disconnect/reconnect (2.1.2)

    Steven Landers Newbie

      Environment Summary

      HornetQ version = 2.1.2

      Container = JBoss 5.1.0

      This topic receives approximately 1 million messages per hour, and distributes to 5-8 subscribers.


      Issue Summary:

      1) Durable Topic is functioning correctly, and is distributing messages to non-durable subscribers

      2) Non-Durable subscribers are restarted (their jboss is restarted), messages start to stack on topic (observed via MessageCount)

      3) Stacking messages on topic start to page to disk after max-size-bytes is reached

      4) Non-Durable subscribers are returned to service and resubscribe

      5) Messages continue to pile up on the topic forever, and no messages are received by any consumer


      Interestingly, we've seen the topic recover correctly before, but in those cases, the buildup didn't page to disk because volume was lower at those times.  Could paging be causing this issue?  We weren't sure if the paging was just a symptom of message stacking or a possible cause.  Is there a known issue around Topics, reconnecting non-durable subscribers, and paging?  Any recommendations?   Let me know if there is any other information that can help.  Thank you for your time.


      -------------------------------------------- Paging Config



      Paging configuration:

      <address-setting match="#">
      <address-setting match="jms.#">