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    Help me decide on a repository for my configurations

    drwho Newbie


      We are in the process of evaluating GateIn as our enterprise portal.

      In our UI code we have a number of configuration files that are related to things such aa database configurations, database queries. Those configuraions are stored in a database where our enterprise data is stored as well. Each configuration will be tied to group/user. I would like to find a way separate out those configurations into a repository under the control of GateIn so as to keep the database from being polluted by UI specific conigurations. Is this where ModeShape or a jcr solution can come in and provide a solution or am I over-engineering?

      Let me know your thoughts on this matter...

      Thanks,   Gordon

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          Randall Hauch Master

          Yes, there are a number of ModeShape users that are using it to store configurations and UI information. That information is likely naturally hierarchical, and probably a really good fit for JCR (meaning it would be easy to define a repository structure).


          Whether or not ModeShape is too heavy-weight for your use case and application depends on your perspective. JRE-wise, it won't take up many resources. But ModeShape 3 depends on Infinispan, which can have a large number of dependencies, depending upon how you want to persist the information.


          I suggest that you give ModeShape a try with a simple proof of concept and see for yourself.