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    Success Stories?

    Brian Wallis Master

      I've been searching around for some articles about infinispan successes in the wild.


      I'd really like to find a couple of articles about some high visibility successful projects using infinispan with some details about why it is good and how well it has worked. The sort of thing I can send to management to show them that infinispan is more than a redhat opensource project that no one is really using for much.


      I know it is now commerically supported by redhat and that it is used under the upcoming 3.0 release of modeshape and also as a level 2 cache for hibernate amongst other things but these sort of successes are not really "impressive" to managers and management in general and I would really like to get them on side with the technology choices I want to make.


      I was a bit surprised that there weren't a few successes highlighted on the infinispan home page. The redhat datagrid page doesn't have anything either.


      For example, just visit the home page for hadoop and the fifth link from the top left is "Who Uses Hadoop?".


      Similarly the home page of cassandra has the following under the title "Proven": "Cassandra is in use at Netflix, Twitter, Urban Airship, Constant Contact, Reddit, Cisco, OpenX, Digg, CloudKick, Ooyala, and more companies that have large, active data sets. The largest known Cassandra cluster has over 300 TB of data in over 400 machines"


      How about something like this for Infinispan or Jboss Data Grid?