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    Simple clustering question with JBoss AS7

    t3rm1 Newbie



      I have a quick question which I couldn't find an answer for. I hope you don't mind helping me on this maybe easy problem


      I'm using JBoss 7.1 in clustered standalone mode (2 server, basicially unaltered standalone-ha.xml configuration). Here is what I want to achieve:
      Server A receives a message. I made it taking 20 seconds to finish the work on it. Before Server A can complete the message I kill the process. I now want Server B to notice the server crash and process the message.
      I tested this and it doesn't work right now (though the server crash is recognized). The message isn't being processed by Server B. If I start Server A again it will finish it's work. However this is not what I want.


      As far as I understand all nodes are aware of the current message queue. I know there is a HA setting where you can setup a server as a backup but I don't want this because it requires a shared store for the journal files.


      Is it possible to do this with a simple cluster?