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    Create Table/Remove Table

    Alice Newbie

      In my application's jaws xml I have set <remove-table> to true. Whenever I do some changes in my EJB code, I rebuild my .jar and delete the old one. But it doesn't selete the tables from the database. So when I redeploy, the server complains "Table with this name already exists". So what I have to do is that I manually drop my tables every time I change a minor modification to my EJB code !! Am I missing out o something?

      Second thing, is there a way so that when I redeploy my jar, it drops the table and recreates it with the new definition??

      Thanks very much.

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          Alice Newbie

          Guys plz help:
          (Im using jboss3 beta on WIn2k)

          My <remove-table> is set to true but when I delete my .jar from deploy directory or shut down the server, it doesn't drop the table. I checked the server.log and it says "dropping table X" and shows no error.

          This si my server console output:

          INFO [MainDeployer] could not delete directory file:/C:/jboss-3.0.0beta/tmp/deploy/73.emp.jar restart will delete it