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    jboss as 7 log4j log save to file not working plz help

    lukas lukasz Newbie

      hello i so disoriented ;/


      so first of all i test example application from this page : http://middlewaremagic.com/jboss/?p=1458 and i test it go to localhost:8080 and go to jboss management/Manage Deployments and add new content Log4jDemo.war and tests it ..


      everything is fine i have got log file in dir ${jbosshome}/standalone/log   but this is ant project :/


      so i create maven project and do everything the same:  my war file have got the same structure but its not working ...:/

      plz take look my pom file


      im so confuzed


      i attach my project and pleaze give me advise what is wrong ??

      my project:  log4j.zip

      example ant project : ApplicationLevelLog4jDemo.zip