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    How do I link a server-group to a virtualhost

    Christopher Thorjussen Newbie

      My environment:

      JBoss AS71 - seperate domain master and two domain slaves.

      Apache Frontend with mod_cluster

      I can't use multicast (and mod_advertise), so I have ProxyList defined in profile on master. I also have two nics on the server at this time since there is a freeze on firewall changes during the summer, but that shouldn't have much to say.

      IP addresses are imaginary... ;-)

      JBoss AS71 Master-Slave-Apache v2.png

      I intend to have three named vhosts on the apache frontend.


      frontend.prod.local (i will make this only available for our company)

      - Configured with <Location /cluster-manager> + SetHandler mod_cluster-manager for management/stats/info


      extranet.domain.com (available from the internet)

      - serve the applications that are deployed to server-group 'extranet'


      intranet.domain.com (i will make this only available for our company. Maybe I'll fqdn to intranet.prod.local, anyway not important)..

      - serve the applications that are deployed to server-group 'intranet'


      My /cluster-manager displayes both nodes twice, one for each server-group at the moment, but only extranet is working with my deployed apps, a test app deployed to each server-group with different web contect: /cluster-test-extranet  and /cluster-test-intranet. trying 'intranet' gives me HTTP 503 and error

      "ERROR [org.jboss.modcluster.mcmp.impl.DefaultMCMPHandler] (ContainerBackgroundProcessor[StandardEngine[jboss.web]]) Error [MEM: MEM: Can't read node: {4}] sending command STATUS to proxy slave01.prod.local/, configuration will be reset"


      I have added instance-id to the web subsystem:

      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:web:1.1" default-virtual-server="default-host" instance-id="${jboss.node.name}" native="true">


      My first question:

      How do I link each server-group to a VirtualHost? I see from my cluster-manager page both servergroups uses balancer "mycluster" and aliases for all nodes/groups are 'default-host' and 'localhost'. Do these settings have anything to do with this (and how do I fix/change this)?


      Edit/new question:

      Is the balancer named in the profile the same ManagerBalancerName? If it is, then it looks like I have to have a seperate profile for what I want to accomplish..??