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    Context Menu Demos not working in IE9

    Matt Thompson Newbie

      The Ricfaces 3 context menu demos don't work as expected in IE9. They work fine in Firefox 9. We have created a similar type of editable datatable for our project using context menus and are finding seeing the same problem. It seems at least in our project, that the rich:menuItem actionListener isn't getting executed at all.


      Below are two examples from the demo that aren't currently working.


      In the second example on the page below, you should be able to click on a row and show "details" of an entry or take one of a few actions listed, however when choosing any of the choices the page does not render the correct information in the table as it should.




      In this next demo when right clicking on a row you get the context menu, however selecting either of the options brings up a 'Wait Please..." dialog box and never proceeds to either the edit modal panel or confirmation delete modal panel as it should.



      Thank you for your help.

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          psesi Newbie

          I think I may have found an answer to this problem. Seems much of the a4j: tags are 'broken' in IE9. There is an entry here: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-9485 that is related. I applied the patch noted there (overwrite AJAX.js into appropriate richfaces-impl jar) and the prolem I was having with IE9 and a4j: tags seem to be resolved.


          In that jira entry, I know Nick indicated it wouldn't be fixed in RF 3, but to make things easier for folks that need to remain on 3 for awhile - is there any possibility of making this an "official" update to richfaces and releasing as, say richfaces-3.3.4? I assume this update to the demo pages would also resolve the issues stated above.