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    Database Persistence

    Ameem Shaik Newbie

      We currently do not have SAN available for our project, so using the built-in journal would not very advisable(as stated by the manual). I was thinking maybe using a database instead, for the persistence. That would be a better option than NAS. Does HornetQ support this? And if not, could I easily modify the source code to allow for my own custom persistence (such as a database)? Also, I noticed that for security, there is a SecurityManager interface that will easily allow me to implement a custom securty manager. Is there anything equivalent with persistence?



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          Justin Bertram Master

          You can search the forum and JIRA for past discussions about database persistence.  In short, it is not currently supported and will not be supported in the future.


          Since HornetQ is open-source you could certainly modify it to support database persistence, but to my knowledge the persistence layer is not "pluggable."  I imagine it would be quite a bit of work to implement database persistence at this point.


          In any event, you should try the latest HornetQ 2.3 Alpha which supports replication between cluster nodes which eliminates the need for a shared journal while still providing high-availability for messages.

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            Ameem Shaik Newbie

            Thanks Justin. I'll check out HornetQ 2.3 Alpha.