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    Can't find library for the @Process annotation

    Josh Cain Newbie

      I'm new to ESB development and have been looking to define by own service.  I'm working on a SOA-P 5 instance and have been following the guide here.  The guide simply states to "use the @Process annotation", but gives no information as to what library I need for this annotation.  What's more, I can't seem to find it anywhere.  I saw an import statement on a screenshot on this tutorial, but I can't seem to find a maven dependency containing that package.  Has anyone used this annotation with maven?  If so, what dependency did you use?

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          Tadayoshi Sato Novice

          @Process annotation is found in $SOA_HOME/jboss-as/server/$SOA_CONF/deployers/esb.deployer/lib/jbossesb-rosetta.jar, which is the core library for JBoss ESB. Unfortunatelly this jar is not available in any public maven repositories AFAIK because the JBoss ESB project is not maven-based. Perhaps you can handle this library dependency more easily if you use JBoss Developers Studio with JBoss ESB feature. Hope this helps.