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    [Receive|Send]Task HowTo ?

    Franck cdsosi Newbie



      I am trying to use drools-guvnor web designer to design a sample process.

      I want to use both ReceiveTask and SendTask but I do not understand how does it work. Can anyone give me a little help or point me to a link that allows me to deal with this.

      I don't see how to use the messageRef field, to which object reference is it supposed to be linked with.

      I had a look at the samples in the jbpm-bpmn2 as explained in the User Guide and especially BPMN2-SendTask.bpmn2 & BPMN2-ReceiveTask.bpmn2 => the messageRef is pointing to a <message> object but I do not see in the designer how I can display such kind of message object.


      Any help would be appreciated.