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    Setting javax.servlet.context.tempdir on Tomcat for File Uploads

    intellectual_tortoise Newbie

      I have a question out on StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11654946/value-of-javax-servlet-context-tempdir-set-by-tomcat-7-not-respected-by-richface) related to modifying the value of javax.servlet.context.tempdir.


      The highlights are:


      1. Set the value of javax.servlet.context.tempdir in a Parameter node within Tomcat's context.xml
      2. On server start up, the LRUMapCacheFactory prints the value as set in context.xml
      3. When accessing the value in FileUploadFacesContextFactory.getTempFilesDirectory(), a different value is returned.


      Can anyone provide pointers on how to make sense of this?