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    remo408 Newbie

      Hi i am getting a weird Failure:Marshal Arguments Exception when trying to put a object into infispan cache. The class is serialized and contains a string and long variables. This behaviour is only seen on our linux boxes when we tried to test this in out windows it worked fine.




      Ours is a cluster setup with one active and one passive servers registered.


      when node1 is started before node 2 things work fine


      when node 1 is shut down then node 2 takes over the trafic as primary and things work fine


      if we bring up node 1 when node 2 is handling the trafic then we see the marshalling error


      if we bring down node2 and make node 1 primary and then bring up node 2 then things work fine again


      We are using infispan version 5.1.5

      Any help is highly apprciated.